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1462 Churchill Downs Ave.
Woodland, Ca 95776


    Frequently Asked Questions.

    1Do you sell ice at your warehouse?
    Yes. You can purchase ice directly from our warehouse at 1462 Churchill Downs Avenue in Woodland during regular business hours.
    2Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes. We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
    3Do you make your own ice?
    No. We are an ice distributor and get our premium ice from Arctic Glacier.
    4Do you sell ice to the public?
    Yes. We sell commercially and to the general public.
    5What size bags of ice do you sell?
    We sell 5 lb, 16 lb and 9 lb (3 individually wrapped 3 lb bags). We also sell 10 lb block ice. Click Here for pricing info.
    6How much ice is needed for my party?
    Usually around 2-3 lbs per person depending on the type of party. Check out our ice calculator for an estimate of how much ice you’ll need for your special event.
    7Do you make ice sculptures?
    No, we do not create ice sculptures.